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North Carolina has a population of more than 10 million people with most people residing in the city of Charlotte. The state capital is Raleigh and more than 450,000 people live there. The largest city in the state is Charlotte which is home to more than 750,000 residents.
North Carolina is well known for the Wright Brothers and their historic first flight at Kitty Hawk, but this state is rich with other history as well.
North Carolina was a significant force in the early shaping of the United States and was heavily involved with the development of the Declaration of Independence.
The state is also known for its southern hospitality, friendly residents and unique style of barbecue, which is a source of local pride.
If you are moving to North Carolina you’ll find plenty of outdoor recreation, lively nightlife and lots of arts and cultural events.

Geography & Climate

North Carolina is divided into three main regions: the Atlantic Coastal Plain in the eastern part of the state, the central Piedmont region and the western Mountain region.
The Atlantic Coastal Plain consists of narrow barrier islands, sandy beaches and inlets with stands of longleaf pine.
The Piedmont region is the most populated and is made up of rolling hills and low mountain ridges.
To the west, The Appalachian Mountains stretch through the state with a series of dramatic peaks.
Severe weather is common in both the summer and winter months with frequent threats of hurricanes, tropical storms, thunderstorms, heavy precipitation and flooding. The state also averages nearly 20 tornadoes per year.
If you move to North Carolina you can expect hot summers and mild winters with light to moderate snowfall, particularly at higher elevations.

Community & Lifestyle

North Carolina is a friendly fun-loving state with more breweries per capita than any other state. It was recently named “Beer City USA” and is home to top craft breweries including the Carolina Brewing Company, Highland Brewing and the White Rabbit Brewing Company.
The state has a long history of producing noteworthy musicians including John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk and Nina Simone.
One of the state’s most popular art communities is Seagrove which is considered the handmade pottery capital of the nation. Traditions that began nearly 200 years ago are represented in nearly 100 different shops and galleries in the area.
North Carolina is noted for its large array of theme parks, aquariums, historic sites, theaters, and concert halls. The state also hosts numerous festivals, including the Lexington Barbecue Festival which attracts nearly 100,000 people every October, and MerleFest, a four-day music festival that attracts nearly 80,000 people yearly.
In addition to its rich music and cultural scenes, North Carolina also provides areas for an enormous range of recreational activities including swimming, fishing, hiking, camping, canoeing, caving, skiing, and rock climbing.
Top colleges in the state include the well respected Duke University, Davidson College and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Davidson, Huntersville, Cary and Morrisville are all considered great locations for raising a family based on quality schools, low crime and overall affordability.
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Jobs & Local Economy

The unemployment rate in North Carolina is 4.2% which is slightly lower than the national average of 4.4% (June 2017)
The textile industry was once the most important economic driver in the state but has been declining over the last 25 years. The state’s current industrial outputs include textiles, chemicals, electrical equipment and paper products.
North Carolina is also the nation’s leading producer of tobacco. Other important agricultural outputs include poultry and eggs, hogs, cattle, milk, sweet potatoes and soybeans.
The state is also recognized as a leader in the financial services and manufacturing industries.
Top employers in North Carolina include the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., and Duke University Hospital.
Overall cost of living in North Carolina is lower than the national average.


Moving to North Carolina also means you get to enjoy these nearby attractions:

Grandfather Mountain, Blue Ridge Mountains

This state park is perfect for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors and the beautiful natural landscape of the state. Grandfather Mountain provides visitors an opportunity for hiking, biking, and rock climbing. There is also a mile-high swinging bridge that offers unmatched 360-degree views of the area and a treetop zipline for the adventurous.

The Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore Estate is located on 8,000 acres in Asheville and is considered by many to be one of North Carolina’s must-see attractions. The mansion was built by the wealthy Vanderbilt family in 1895. The 250-room estate is the largest private home in the United States. The property’s gardens and farm are popular with visitors.

Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is a 200-mile stretch of barrier islands that are subject to regular erosion and shore damage. Their future is uncertain and efforts to protect them are underway. These islands provide rich ecosystems for the animals who live there. They are also part of a long history of the state. Visitors can learn about the lost colony of Roanoke Island, the history of the Wright Brothers, or various shipwrecks. The area includes historic lighthouses, wild horses and many scenic spots.

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Cities in North Carolina

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