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“I ❤ New York,” and if you’re moving to the state of New York you will too!

This 1977 tourism campaign slogan is as true today as it was then. Don’t forget to add the outdoor gear to the moving checklist. Pack those moving boxes with both urban attire and rural hiking gear.

With it’s scenic mountain panoramas, beautiful upstate islands and it’s exciting urban playground down state, it’s the best of two world’s and then some.

With 19.8 million inhabitants, New York ranks as the 4th most populated state in the nation. From 1892 until 1924, New York City’s Ellis Island, was the biggest point of entry for legal immigrants to enter the country. Today it is part of the world’s most important commercial, cultural and financial centers.

New York is home to about 200 universities and colleges including Rockefeller University, Cornell University and Columbia University, which are ranked among the top 35 best universities in the world.

Geography & Climate

This state has a diverse landscape made up of farms, forests, rivers, mountains and lakes. Residents experience a humid continental climate which varies by region.

Places like New York City, the lower Hudson Valley and Long Island, or Lower New York, experience warm, humid summers and cold, wet winters.

Upstate New York is home to the Allegheny Plateau, the Catskills and Adirondack Mountains that run along the Southern Tier. It tends to have warm, less humid summers and cold winters.

The climate in the western part of the state tends to be cool in the summer with heavy lake snow in the winter.

Considered one of the state’s best kept secrets, the1000 Islands area consist of 1,800 islands dotted along the St. Lawrence River situated between Canada and New York state. The islands are geographically very different than the rest of the state and can be appreciated as much for their beauty as for their rich history and culture.

Community & Lifestyle

The New York you experience depends on where you choose to live.
The bustling city of New York makes up 40% of the state’s entire population. Here you will always be able to find something entertaining to do. Clubs, pubs, theaters, galleries and shows, just about anything you can imagine can be found in New York City.
New York State on the other hand, is known for its wild spaces. Here you will find plenty of opportunity for outdoor recreation. Mountains, lakes, forests, rivers, and meadows are abundant. Communities in these regions also tend to support local food efforts and many farms, farm stands and farmers markets can be found.
Whether you are looking for a slick urban lifestyle or an active outdoor lifestyle, a move to New York can provide either!

Jobs & Local Economy

Cost of living is higher than the national average in urban New York City, however, affordable lifestyle options can be found in upstate and rural areas.
As of June 2017, the unemployment rate for New York state is 4.5% which is slightly higher than the national average.
Dunkirk, Waterloo and Buffalo are just three of the many towns with reasonable median housing prices and average and above average wages.
Among the fastest growing and highest paying jobs in New York are: Statisticians, Nurse Practitioners, and Software Developers.
When moving to a new state it’s always best to research the area before you move. Local moving companies may be able to provide information about the area. Reputable moving services will work with you to ensure your move is hassle-free. Check reviews to be sure you hire the best movers in the area.


Moving to NewYork state also means you get to enjoy these nearby attractions:

The Statue of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening the World)

France’s 1886 gift to the people of the United States and a worldwide symbol of freedom. The Statue of Liberty can be viewed from both Battery Park and Liberty Island. One of the best things about visiting the statue is that visitors may take a tour from within to the crown to take in some fantastic views of New York City. A limit of two hundred-forty visitors a day can climb the stairs to the crown.

Niagara Falls

Situated on the U.S., Canadian border, this North American beauty lures a countless number of visitors a year with it’s fascinating natural wonders and sky high, man made walkways making sightseeing an exhilarating experience.

1000 Islands

These islands are situated along the border of Ontario, Canada and upper New York State. Enjoy wildlife mingled with grand castles, mansions,and non fiction tales about bootleggers, pirates and the elite who fancied them.

The Adirondacks

Considered a portion of the Canadian Shield, these tree covered mountains are one of the best places to hike, canoe, view the autumn foliage. Mount Marcy peaks highest at 5345 feet. Plenty of wilderness, lakes and outdoor adventure year round.

State stats & Taxes


Total Population


Average Houshold Income


Medium Home Sales Price

Educational level

Bachelors Degree or higher

Some college or Associates Degree

High School or GED

Less than High School

No Schooling

Cities in New York

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