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Often dubbed the, “Wolverine State”, Michigan is positioned in the mid-eastern area of the United States, in the Great Lakes. It is one of the largest states in the nation, and has a population of roughly 9.9 million people.
The largest and most populated cities in the state include Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Warren. Lansing, the state's capital is the sixth largest city in Michigan, with a population of about 115,000.
Michigan has two peninsulas; the Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula. The Upper Peninsula is mostly forested, and borders three of the four Great Lakes. The Lower Peninsula is referred to as, “the mitten,” because of its unique shape. It is comprised of nearly two-thirds of the state's entire land area.

Geography & Climate

Geographically divided into the Upper and Lower Peninsulas, Michigan is home to many forests, lakes, marshes, rivers, and islands.
The Upper Peninsula borders three Great Lakes: Michigan, Huron and Superior. It is heavily forested and has a mountainous region to the west. Mount Arvon is the state’s highest point at 1,979 feet.
The Lower Peninsula's surface is largely flat, with some rolling hills. Briar Hill is 1,705 feet and happens to be the area's highest point. The Lower Peninsula borders two Great Lakes: Michigan and Huron. The lowest point is Lake Erie and is 571 feet.
Michigan residents experience an overall humid climate; however, the state’s hemispheres are so separated, the temperatures between them tend to vary widely. The southern region of the Lower Peninsula is prone to warmer weather and has cold winters and hot summers.
The northern half of the Lower Peninsula and the entire Upper Peninsula tend to have short, warm summers and long, severely cold winters. During the winter months, the state is prone to hefty amounts of snow due to the lake effect.

Community & Lifestyle

Michigan has many museums, theaters and historic sites. The Henry Ford Museum and the Detroit Institute of Art are two of the most popular cultural attractions.
Detroit, Michigan is the birthplace of the iconic recording label, Motown Record Corporation. The Motown Museum celebrates this Michigan original, and is visited by some 70,000 people every year.
Nature enthusiasts will find that Michigan offers amazing opportunities to explore the great outdoors. Popular activities include kayaking, biking, camping, fishing, or hiking one of the many nature trails. Golfers will be pleased with the many golf courses throughout the area.
With a variety of pubs, comedy clubs, sports bars, live music, or theater options, Michigan's nightlife never disappoints.
The University of Michigan and Michigan State University are both known for their prestige academic curriculum and notable alumni associations.
Based on safety, community activities and overall affordability, Rochester, East Grand Rapids, Beverly Hills, are considered among the best Michigan cities to raise a family.
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Jobs & Local Economy

Michigan's unemployment rate is 4.8% which is a bit higher than the national average of 4.4% (June 2017).
Michigan is the heart of the automotive industry and is home to three major automobile companies: General Motors, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler. These automotive manufacturers are also the state’s top three largest employers in the private sector. The largest employer in the public sector is the State of Michigan.
Agriculture is also significant to the state’s economy, contributing more than $100 billion a year. Michigan’s most important revenue producing crops include corn, sugar beets, soybeans, and wheat.
The state is also a major producer of cherries, apples, and blueberries. Nationally, Michigan is the third largest grower of Christmas trees, with more than 60,000 acres in production.
The overall cost of living in Michigan is significantly lower than the national average.


Moving to Michigan also means you get to enjoy these nearby attractions:

Henry Ford Museum

The Henry Ford Museum celebrates the birth of the American automobile. The Presidential Limousine Exhibit will capture the interest of the car enthusiast, while the Heroes of the Sky Exhibit will leave those intrigued by things that fly in awe. Learn fascinating facts about early innovators and their discoveries.

Isle Royale National Park

The Isle Royale National Park is a popular destination. This area is surrounded by Lake Superior and is a great place for backpacking and camping. Wildlife roam freely in the park, and it is not uncommon for visitors to spot a moose or wolf during their trip.

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