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Louisiana has a growing population of approximately 4.7 million and has been commonly referred to as the “boot” state because of its unique boot-like shape.
New Orleans, also known as, NOLA, is the largest city in the state. Sitting right on the Mississippi River is the state's capitol, Baton Rouge, which happens to be the second most populated city in the state. Other large cities include Lafayette, Shreveport, and Lake Charles.
In earlier years, Louisiana was known for its trading and financial centers, and its prominent agriculture territories made it one of the wealthiest states in the country.
Although the state is acknowledged as a cultural melting pot, it has a strong French and Spanish influence which dates to its discovery in the early 1500s.
Louisiana is nicknamed the Pelican state and the state bird is indeed a brown Pelican.

Geography & Climate

Louisiana is positioned directly above The Gulf of Mexico and is bordered by neighboring states, Arkansas, Texas, and Mississippi.
The state is comprised of marshes, bayous, swamplands, and beaches. At higher elevations prairies, woodland, and rolling hills are prominent.
A largely flat state, Louisiana's highest point is Driskill Mountain, which stands at only 535 feet above sea level.
Summers in Louisiana are typically hot and humid, with frequent thunder showers. Winters are mild, and snowfall is rare. The state is prone to hurricanes, which commonly occur June through November.

Community & Lifestyle

Louisiana's history and diverse culture are evident in the city’s many art galleries, museums, and social gatherings. Like many states in the region, Louisiana is known for its old southern charm and warm hospitality.
The city of New Orleans is well-known around the globe and is a popular tourist destination. This vibrant, lively city is generally accepted as the birthplace of Jazz. It is specifically associated with the earliest form of the genre, known as Dixieland, which is often referred to as “New Orleans Jazz”. The Frenchmen Art Market, also in New Orleans, is a popular place for discovering authentic fine art and live music.
The state also has a rich food culture. Dishes that Louisiana is well-known for include gumbo, jambalaya and etouffee.
For outdoor enthusiasts, Louisiana offers many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Popular activities include fishing, canoeing, kayaking, camping, birding, biking, and golf.
For those who like to try their luck, the best casinos can be found in New Orleans, Lake Charles, and Bossier City.
Louisiana State University and Tulane University are among the highest ranked universities in the state. Both highly esteemed educational institutions are extremely selective about their students.
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Jobs & Local Economy

The unemployment rate in Louisiana is 5.5% which is higher than the national average of 4.4% (June 2017).
Louisiana's major industries include healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, and government. Agriculture, natural gas, and commercial fishing are also important to the state economy.
The state’s largest employers include Louisiana State University, Dow Chemical Company and AT&T.
The overall cost of living in Louisiana is lower than the national average.


Moving to Louisiana also means you get to enjoy these nearby attractions:

The French Quarter

With charming historic buildings dating back some 300 years, the French Quarter of New Orleans attracts visitors from far and wide. Restaurants, cafes, and an assortment of entertainment options are available. The area is also known for its strong association with early jazz.

USS Kidd and Veteran's Memorial

Located in Baton Rouge, this historic demobilized ship is all the rage for visitors who enjoy climbing aboard and experiencing the sensation of a real destroyer that was an actual part of WWII. The ship has since been used in major productions.

Mardi Gras

This extravaganza is one of the state’s largest cultural events. Mardi Gras takes place every year in New Orleans on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Celebrations are huge with bright, joyous parades, music, and food.

State stats & Taxes


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Cities in Louisiana

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