Where are your moving companies coming from?

We have built extensive partnerships with local and international movers whose sole business is offering quality moving services. Some are the biggest names in the shipping industry. All have chosen to partner with us to take advantage of our extensive network. None of the movers own this moving network or are invested in us.

How long do I wait before I see a quote?

Your request is sent directly and you could start seeing quotes within one hour but most quotes are delivered in 24 to 48 hrs.

Do I need to list everything I am moving or can I do it later?

Yes, you need to give accurate information as much as possible so you have the full price.
  • Try to estimate how many boxes will be moved
  • List all large appliances like a wash machine
  • List large sports equipment such as bikes

What happens if I add more items to move than what was quoted?

It's not a problem to add more items but you need to clearly communicate that with your mover and update your moving estimate.

Do you sell my email or phone number to other businesses?

NO, we do not sell your private information. Your information is only provided to the moving companies quoting your move. We do this so that they may be able contact you and deliver your moving estimate, help you make adjustments on your quote or book your moving date.

Who provides insurance for moving in the case of damages?

All the moving companies quoting your move carry their own moving insurance. This is a requirement of our quality control. Please ask them directly for details of their coverage.


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