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MoveSavers is an independent moving comparison service that connects customers to qualified moving companies looking to earn the customer’s business. We believe that by providing customers more information on what to look for when moving to a new location and provide consumer the best price comparisons on the web it will give consumers the power to sample moving services, compare their prices and find the right value that fits their budget. Our goal is to provide honest transparent information and quotations allowing you a time saving way to get moving quotations you need without the hassle of filling out piles of paperwork.

A true moving price comparison means having a good mix of businesses to choose from. Our network includes some of the largest names in the moving and shipping industry as well as some of the smaller local companies working hard to earn your business. We are not owned or operated by any moving company providing a quote.

We understand the importance of giving power to the consumer and we stand ready to work for you

We understand the importance of your time and know moving is a big step in most peoples lives. Thats why we only work with reputable moving companies to handle your personal property.

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  • Our moving quotations are 100% free
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  • There is no obligation to hire anyone
  • Simple way to find local or international movers
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Local Movers

Local Movers

We handle the smaller moves. Quick and easy price quotes for local moves.

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Interstate Movers

Interstate Movers

All interstate moves are in good hands with our experts. Quick and easy price quotes for all interstate moves.

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International Movers

International Movers

We quote door to door international relocations and auto transport.

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To Serve our customers by providing honest and transparent information to make their move as smooth and cost effecient as possible.